2024: The Year of Industrial Nearshoring Consolidation in Northern Mexico

Industrial nearshoring in northern Mexico, particularly in Baja California, has experienced significant growth during 2024. The region has witnessed industry consolidation, especially with an increasing presence of foreign companies in key sectors such as automotive, electronics, and aerospace.

Recent data from the Mexican Association of Private Industrial Parks (AMPIP) shows that industrial park occupancy in Baja California has reached 95%, reflecting a notable increase since early 2023. This growth has been driven in part by the presence and expansion of companies like Sierra Aluminum, LT Precision, Gruma, and Vinventions, which have generated direct employment and fostered the development of local suppliers and logistics services.

Infrastructure and logistics in Baja California have been crucial factors in the success of nearshoring in the region. The modernization of the port of Ensenada has allowed a 35% increase in cargo handling for international trade, while Tijuana International Airport has expanded its capacity to facilitate the transport of high-value goods.

Grupo Cadena, with a presence in 8 states of Mexico, including Baja California, has played a significant role in driving the industry in the region. The cities of Tijuana and Mexicali, where Grupo Cadena has a prominent presence, have been key centers of industrial activity. Additionally, the construction of the new commercial border crossing in Tijuana is contributing to improving connectivity and the flow of goods in the region.

This positive outlook in Baja California has had a favorable socio-economic impact, creating well-paid jobs in sectors such as advanced manufacturing, engineering, and information technology. Collaboration between educational institutions and businesses, with training programs tailored to industry needs, has helped maintain a steady flow of skilled talent in the region.

Despite challenges such as inflation and security issues, the prospects for nearshoring in Baja California during 2024 are promising. A 3.0% growth in the regional economy is projected, driven by new investments and business expansions. With Mexico consolidating its position as a leader in attracting businesses close to North America, the industrial future in the northern part of the country appears dynamic and promising.

In this context, Northlink Industrial Park reaffirms its commitment as a strategic partner, offering comprehensive solutions to support the growth and success of companies in Baja California’s competitive industrial environment. Towards an industrialized and connected future in northern Mexico, with Grupo Cadena and the cities of Mexicali and Tijuana playing pivotal roles!