A step forward in logistics: Intermerk’s expansion with Grupo Cadena

In the world of logistics, adaptability and growth capacity are fundamental to meet the demands of the constantly evolving market. In this regard, the Mexican company Intermerk has taken a significant step towards the future by embarking on an expansion project with Grupo Cadena at the Northlink Valle de Puebla Industrial Park in Mexicali, Baja California. This initiative not only addresses the need for growth but also aligns with the emerging trends of nearshoring, which seek greater proximity between production and consumption centers to optimize logistics processes.

Project Description

The project involved the construction of a large-scale industrial warehouse with specific features to meet Intermerk’s logistical needs. With a 10-year lease agreement, this new facility represents a long-term commitment for both companies.

Technical Details

The construction initially covered an area of 4,050 m², with a subsequent expansion to 4,124 m², along with 1,026 m² allocated for outdoor areas, providing additional space for logistical operations and maneuvers. In addition to the mentioned dimensions, the warehouse includes space for 30 railroad wagons in the industrial park’s private spurs, further increasing logistical capacity and operational versatility. The project was completed in record time, with a construction period of just 7 months, from October 1, 2023, to April 30, 2024. The construction systems employed ensure the functionality and durability of the facility, including a 15 cm thick concrete floor, 3-meter-high concrete walls complemented by insulated metal panel walls, an insulated fiberglass roof, and a sturdy metal structure.

Impact and Benefits

The successful completion of this project represents more than a simple expansion for Intermerk. The new facility not only increases storage and distribution capacity but also enhances operational efficiency and flexibility to adapt to changing market needs.


The collaboration between Intermerk and Grupo Cadena is an inspiring example of how companies can join forces to drive growth and innovation in the logistics sector. This expansion not only strengthens Intermerk’s position in the market but also sets a high standard for the future of the sector.

What’s Next?

With its new facility fully operational, Intermerk is ready to face tomorrow’s challenges with confidence and determination. However, this is just one stage in its journey toward continued success. We will be watching closely to see what new horizons this leading logistics company conquers.