Tailor-made construction for Sierra Aluminum: A Milestone in the Aluminum Industry in Canada

From its humble beginnings to becoming a global leader in the manufacturing and marketing of aluminum profiles, Sierra Aluminum has charted a path of innovation and excellence. With its latest plant, located in the industrial heart of Canada, they have once again raised the standard with a landmark project that redefines the way industrial spaces are conceived and built.

A Tailor-Made Project for Success

The project, led by CADENA’s experts, represents a monumental achievement in the industrial construction sector. With a focus on space optimization and operational efficiency, a “built to suit” building was conceived to perfectly adapt to Sierra Aluminum’s specific needs. From initial design to final execution, every detail was meticulously planned to ensure functionality and long-term profitability.

Project Specifications

The building, with an impressive area of 34,036.36 square meters, was designed to accommodate not only the production of aluminum profiles by extrusion but also their finishing through the anodizing process. Additionally, 778 square meters were allocated for offices, providing a comfortable and modern space for Sierra Aluminum’s management and administrative team.

The exteriors did not lag behind, with ample maneuvering yards and parking covering an area of 55,203 square meters, ensuring smooth logistics operations.

Innovation in Every Detail

The project incorporated the latest in technology and construction techniques to ensure the functionality, durability, and safety of the building. Concrete walls and sandwich panel sheeting with insulation provide optimal thermal insulation, while the roof composed of sheets and insulation ensures a comfortable indoor environment in any season.

The metal structure, with a clear height of 10 meters, offers ample space for machinery and storage of finished products. Special foundations for presses and the installation of overhead cranes demonstrate a commitment to efficiency and production capacity.

Commitment to Sustainability

Sierra Aluminum recognizes the importance of operating sustainably and environmentally responsibly. That is why the project included a 3,500 KVA electrical substation to ensure a stable and efficient power supply, as well as a sprinkler-based fire protection system and a wastewater treatment plant to minimize its environmental footprint.

Successful Delivery in December 2023

With great pride, Sierra Aluminum announced the successful delivery of its new venture in December 2023. This successful culmination represents not only a milestone in the company’s expansion but also a testimony to the commitment and dedication of all involved in the project.

Conclusion: A Legacy of Excellence

Sierra Aluminum’s project, backed by CADENA’s vision and expertise, not only marks a milestone in the aluminum industry in Canada but also sets a new standard for tailor-made industrial construction. With its focus on innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, Sierra Aluminum continues to lead the way towards a brighter and more sustainable future for the industry.