Discover Vinventions: Innovation in Packaging from North Link Real de Rosarito Industrial Park

New era of innovation and excellence at the North Link Real de Rosarito Industrial Park! Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Vinventions, a company based in Germany that has established itself in our facilities to undertake an exciting industrial project.

Vinventions is a leader in manufacturing packaging solutions and sealing for wine bottles, and we’re thrilled to have them as part of our industrial community. Their commitment to excellence and innovation perfectly aligns with Grupo Cadena’s vision of being a center of excellence for industries across various sectors.

The North Link Real de Rosarito Industrial Park has become a strategic hub for companies in key sectors such as food and beverages, medical devices, biotechnology, aerospace, electric mobility, semiconductors, and more. Vinventions’ presence in our facilities is a testament to the region’s appeal to leading global companies.

As part of their industrial project, Vinventions has signed a lease contract for an industrial warehouse with us. The total area of the building is 9,500 square meters, of which Vinventions occupies an area of 6,967.73 square meters. This project represents a significant step in Vinventions’ growth and development in the international market.

We’re committed to continuing to create the necessary infrastructure to support the economic and industrial development of the region. The presence of companies like Vinventions in our facilities is crucial to achieving this goal and further positioning North Link Real de Rosarito as a strategic destination for the global industry.

We invite you to learn more about Vinventions and their innovative work at the North Link Real de Rosarito Industrial Park! Together, we’re building a future of success and prosperity for our industrial community.

Welcome, Vinventions, to North Link Real de Rosarito!