Grupo Cadena closes deal with LT Precision to boost industrial development in Northlink Park Mexicali

We are excited to announce a significant milestone in the industrial development of Northlink Park! Grupo Cadena is proud to reveal that it has closed a deal with LT Precision, a leading company originating from Korea, specialized in the energy sector, specifically in battery manufacturing.

This agreement marks a significant milestone in the development of Northlink Park, the cutting-edge industrial park located on the Mexicali to San Luis highway. Northlink Park, conceived and developed by Grupo Cadena, has established itself as a premier destination for companies seeking to establish themselves in a modern and efficient industrial environment.

Project Details:

  • Project Type: Industrial Contract
  • Type: Sale of Urbanized Land
  • Total Area Occupied: 71,248.063 m2

Grupo Cadena has been a pioneer in the development of Northlink Park Mexicali, offering industrial plots ranging from 1 hectare onwards. The park is planned in three strategic phases to optimize its functionality and attractiveness to international investors.

Development Phases:

  • Phase 1: Currently in the process of building structures.
  • Phase 2: In the urbanization stage, covering an area of ​​30 hectares.
  • Phase 3: Next to be developed, covering an area of ​​32 hectares. This phase will include a residential area along with industrial areas, creating a mixed development that will promote a dynamic and attractive work environment.

LT Precision’s purchase from Grupo Cadena represents a strategic transaction for both parties as LT Precision will benefit from the first-class infrastructure and strategic location of Northlink Park, while Grupo Cadena will strengthen its position as a leader in industrial development in the region.

With this exciting step forward, Northlink Park solidifies itself as a top-tier destination for international companies looking to expand their operations in Latin America. We eagerly anticipate seeing the growth and continued success of this new industrial development, as well as the positive contributions it will bring to the region.

Join us on this exciting journey towards the future of industrial development in Northlink Park!